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£15 off 90 minute Massage & Reflexology treatment

£15 off 90 minute Massage & Reflexology treatment (all in the comfort of your own home, within a 20 mile radius of Swansea)

Valid 24 May – 31 June 2019

1 hour reflexology session combined with a 30 minute relaxing aromatherapy back massage for only £50 SAVING £15.

Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet are like a mirror image of the body and that certain areas of the feet, called reflex points are linked to areas of body through the meridian system. The arrangement of the reflexes has a direct relationship to the area of the body they affect. For example, the right side of the foot is linked to the right side of the body. While the tips of the toes correspond to the head. The liver, pancreas and kidneys connect to the arch of the foot, and the lower back and intestines towards the heel.

What are the Benefits of Reflexology?
There are many benefits to receiving reflexology and after 10 years of working as a complementary therapist I have seen first hand the benefits this deeply relaxing treatment has had on my own clients. Benefits include but not limited to:-

• Stress reduction – Reflexology can aid in alleviating the negative effects of stress.
• Relaxation – The therapy encourages the body and mind to enter a deeply relaxed state.
• Soothing tired feet – The techniques and special hand movements can help to ease tension and pain in the feet.
• Reducing pain – Research suggests that Reflexology is an effective pain reliever.
• Improving circulation
• Enhancing overall well-being – Many people use Reflexology on a regular basis to support health and wellbeing.

This wonderful 90 minute treatment includes a blissful 30 minute aromatherapy back massage to gently sooth away any aches and pains and promote deep relaxation.

To book please call/text Clare on 07707984397

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