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Foot Reflexology




Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet are like a mirror image of the body and that certain areas of the feet, called reflex points are linked to areas of body through the meridian system. The arrangement of the reflexes has a direct relationship to the area of the body they affect. For example, the right side of the foot is linked to the right side of the body. While the tips of the toes correspond to the head. The liver, pancreas and kidneys connect to the arch of the foot, and the lower back and intestines towards the heel.


What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

My clients who come for reflexology report that the treatment helps to improve sleep and promotes deep relaxation. There are however many benefits to receiving reflexology:-
• Stress reduction - Studies suggest that reflexology can aid in alleviating the negative effects of stress.
• Relaxation - The therapy encourages the body and mind to enter a deeply relaxed state.
• Soothing tired feet - The techniques and special hand movements can help to ease tension and pain in the feet.
• Reducing pain - Research suggests that Reflexology is an effective pain reliever.
• Improving circulation
• Enhancing overall well-being - Many people use Reflexology on a regular basis to support health and wellbeing.


What to Expect

Before your first treatment, I will go through an initial consultation form with you in order to establish any contraindications and expected outcomes of treatment. Your treatments may need to be adapted depending on this information.
After the consultation you will be asked to immerse your feet in a bowl of warm salty water, infused with peppermint & tea tree essential oils.  I will then give you time to lie down on the massage couch, where your back will be elevated and pillows/bolsters used to find a comfortable position for you to deeply relax into the treatment. The treatment will involve all reflex areas of the feet being palpated and massaged followed by a leg massage. Should you feel any discomfort in your feet throughout the treatment then please let me know as this can indicate an imbalance and I will pay particular attention to this reflex area in subsequent treatments. 



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